Yellow Flower

Adding (X) Ingredients To Life

David H. Collins

Yellow Flower

People's dominances (key strengths and uniqueness), cultural history, experiences, and circumstances greatly influence how they deal with and perceive time.  X dominated people are quite linear about their time, seeing accomplishments, education, purpose, etc. as things to be "time managed". For those of us who wish to strengthen their X dimensions, try the following practices.

Utilize your gifts

We each have a unique makeup of gifts. Cognitive, emotional, and creative intelligences. Harness your strengths and work around your weaknesses "Peter Drucker." Play certain roles, jobs, and projects which will utilize your gifts and strengths.

Build something new

Taking action to utilize your mind and body in the creation and execution of projects is a great way to use your X ingredients. Make an art project, build a sand castle or a new house, create a strategic plan, or build a new team for a company are examples of working and achieving X dimensions in life.

Reinforce healthy habits

We all have habits, it seems to be a part of human nature, the key is choose healthy habits over destructive one. Take a run, eat healthy, or master a sport or discipline are some of the few ways to reinforce your X dimension.

Take initiative with others

The energy of others can fuel our enthusiasm and focus to achieve more than we can do on our own, cultivate collaboratives to achieve tangible results.

Celebrate your successes

There is a tendency to focus on what we're NOT accomplishing rather than what we did well. This can drain our energy. By celebrating your successes, you will have the self-confidence to tackle future work.