Teal Flower

XYZ Balancing

David H. Collins

Teal Flower

Scott Peck, in The Road Less Travelled, noted that – “Life is Difficult” – and that knowing this enabled a more profound and stronger way of approaching life. True. But, I have come to see that knowing and incorporating X-Y-Z Time insights provides a model and system to take the difficult and complex differences of others and us and enable a richer context and platform for understanding and making choices, especially in tough times.

XYZ interplay examples


Developing good habits that have large impacts across our days – eating right, smart exercising, & finding time disciplines that are highly productive when needed.


Having good friends, safe relationships, counting on and being there for loved ones and people in the community, giving back, talk therapy, journaling, & being on teams.


Finding faith moments, prayer, meditations, music, deep breathing, counting blessings, calling on God, listening, and recognizing and appreciating key moments.


Runs with friends/siblings; teamwork, community groups, project teams, Mentoring groups, effective partnering, workout groups, and keeping accountable/connected.


Church worship; prayer/covenant groups; meditation groups, great meals, vacations with friends, camp, musical moments and outlets with others - festivals


Healing sessions, mental breaks, creative arts – performing, ideating, painting, sculpting, dancing, passion-filled work


Lovemaking with loved ones; communitas; a sports team win; making a stupendous meal with friends, finding and living your true calling or having truly meaningful times.

Time involves the immersion of and responding to the pressures, senses, cares, and life elements surrounding your “world” – home/family, culture, friends, work, teams, schools, etc. Days (24 hours) are the demarcation of the primary time units in Chronos, but what are the time units in y and z? If emotions run deep and so effect our feelings, they run amok at night, when you wake up, in breaks, in conversations, and in so many other ways. Spiritual presence seems to be operating all the time, but we are not always attuned to it. It needs to be channeled. Like a calling or radio signal. Once brought into play, these mediation moments change the fabric of your day – you hear things, see and react to people differently, and are open to significantly different experiences. The interactions between time dimensions or elements creates the fabric of your “times”